First Unboxing Video!

Well, I jumped into the world of posting videos to YouTube. Jumped is the correct word as I really did jump without hardly looking. I have a new appreciation for YouTubers, who make it look easy.

It’s not a horrible video, but it could be way better. I have some bad lighting, some out of focus shots, and an angle that I thought was edgy and different and easy to see, but ended up being actually not so great.

That’s okay though. Live and learn.

It’s an unboxing of Rum and Bones: Second Tide. I just got the core set in the mail from Cool Mini or Not. I got some other unboxing videos on the way, and am happy to say, that so far those are already looking far better. Still some kinks to work out, but not nearly as many as the first video.

Enjoy the video, and I hope to be writing more soon.


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