Kickstarter Unboxing Video 2

Whoops, I forgot to post this video on the blog. It’s the second video for Arcadia Quest.

I have about two more unboxing videos to do, which has been some great practice. It’s helping me to see where I need to improve in general, but once those are done, I’m planning a review, both in written and video form. I expect the written review will come a bit earlier.

If anyone reading / watching has any suggestions, comments, or tips, please share them. Definitely would love to hear some feedback on ways to improve my writing, and video work.


Arcadia Quest Inferno Kickstarter Unboxing

I’m beating my first supposed promise of only a few videos and posts a week. Quite a few of my kickstarters are coming in this month, and so I’m making a lot of unboxing videos it looks like.

Got my first shipment of Arcadia Quest: Inferno.

Tried a new setup, and I’d say the video is an improvement over my first try. Still got some kinks to work out, but getting there.

Since the video speaks for itself, this post is short. Will start posting some longer written posts soon. Enjoy


P.S. I don’t always just play board games, but also video games at times. Decided to record a few of my play sessions from time to time and post them at my other YouTube channel: Controllers N’ Keyboards